Saturday, August 15, 2009

pictures of the boat!!!
first post ever!!!

this is the dinette, some sails, swim ladder and an anchor

and yes dad there are more than one set

batteries, right now there are three

i spent a lot of time captioning the pictures just right, but this website sucks and fubared everything. what is important is this, there are a ton of little things that all together would have cost a fortune. if you look at the picture i the front, you can see selene's head and get an idea of how big the boat is. i can stand up inside of it. anyways i am way frustrated now.

now i have a bit of work ahead of me, but there is nothing major.
i have to fix the engine, but i am sure that it will be a simple proposal.
the most hard thing is getting the head off, and there is only one more bolt.

jay i love you. i got our package (hehe package)

dad i got my money's worth for sure

josh you suck

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